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Metcalfe Forestry Co.  is a forest management consultant company based in Grayling, Michigan. We currently employ a staff of two professional forest managers, a full time office manager and work with several subcontractors throughout northern Michigan. Metcalfe Forestry is fully insured and we require all logging companies that we work with to be the same. Much of our work involves setting up and selling timber sales, which requires extensive knowledge of forest ecosystems, timber values, and inventory methods. Metcalfe Forestry also does timber inventories, map making, timber harvest boundary location, and timber trespass or theft evaluation. We can provide property owners with management plans to help realize their goals for their property. Metcalfe Forestry also offers  consulting services in timber taxes. We have worked for private landowners, hunt clubs, non-profit organizations, and have done contract work for the MDNR, Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, logging companies, various forest industries and other consulting foresters since 1998. Our clients range from private landowners with small 10-acre parcels to companies that own thousands of acres. We specialize in working closely with each client to ensure an outcome which is satisfactory to the client and to the ecosystem.

We are still accepting new timber tax clients,
but unfortunately we are not accepting new forestry clients.

If you are a forestry client who would otherwise be new to us, we appreciate your interest but are not able to assist you.

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